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My areas of expertise: Information Technology, Apps, SaaS, ECommerce, B2B, Social Entrepreneurship, Content Creation (web), Writing, Copywriting, Online Publishing, Marketing, Research

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Blog | Write Content Alchemist

Learn more about content alchemy and how you can turn your content into gold.

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Contributing Writer for GrammarPhile Blog

Here are some posts I've written for This blog typically focuses on writing, proofreading, and grammar.

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How to Use YouTube for Your E-Commerce Business

Here are some tips on how to use YouTube to grow your e-commerce business.

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EBook | Free Ways to Use Technology to Become a Better Writer (Written for

There are a ton of free resources available to inspire your writing and fine-tune your skills. With the information included in this e-book, you can become a better writer.

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Punctuation in the 21st Century: What You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know about common punctuation marks and how they’re unofficially used in online communication in the 21st century.

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Here's How Your Customers Really Make Purchaing Decisions

Based on recent marketing research, emotions still play a huge role in customers’ purchasing decisions, but so do data, information, and logic.

Here’s how your customers really make their purchasing decisions in an era when they have a multitude of options and information at their fingertips.

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The Evolution of Marketing Over the Past Decade and Why It Matters

Nowadays, it’s impossible to think of marketing without thinking of digital tools and outlets, but it wasn’t always that way. Discover the important ways marketing has evolved in the past decade...